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Water control two-way valve 1/2″ with an electric motor for a double tube fan coil ILH202-315

Water control two-way valve 3/4″ with an electric motor for a double tube fan coil ILH202-320
Water control two-way valve D-15 1/2″ KVW-215

Water control two-way valve D-20 3/4″ KVW-220
Water control three-way valve D-20 3/4″ KVW-320

Water control three-way valve D-25 1″ KVW-325
Water control valve motor (plastic casing) KVW

Temperature control for a fan coil with a fan speed and a three-way valve control 107
Electronic temperature control with a fan speed and a three-way valve control  2003DA

Fan coils are designed to create a well-balanced environment in offices, hotels, trade centers and industrial premises. Unlike air conditioners, a heat transfer agent used in fan coils is liquid with properties very similar to ordinary water. A fan coil is connected to a cooling unit (chiller), in which a heat transfer agent is cooled down. Therefore, the size and weight of this unit is less than of an air conditioner with the same output. Advantages Cassette fan coil Wall mount fan coils • In-house fabrication. • A wide range of cooling and heating capacities. • Low cost of equipment and installation. • Effective support of microclimate in premises of any area and configuration. Temperature control and air cleaning. • Installation in a low-ceilinged room is possible. • Impressive performance and low energy consumption. • Not sensitive to mandatory maintenance. • In-built drainage pumps to dispose condensate. • Cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. • Low noise level. • Easy installation. • Attractive design

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